Project Based Means There Is A Beginning & An End

Local Artesian Market

A local jewerler in our town (Colby June Jewelry) decided to host a local artesian night and asked if I could engrave luggage tags. OF COURSE!

Luggage Tags $15 Engraved

I decided to offer 3 different options: "I don't sweate, I Sparkle", "Colorado Luggage Tag" and "Travel Far Enough To Meet Yourself". I charged $15 for the tag, strap and engraving.

Hourly Wage Earned $110/hr

I engraved 65 luggage tags in 4 hours, hung out with the locals, got 3 new contacts and after paying for my products made $440!


High School Football Game

Val engraved onsite at the Glenwood High School Football game to help raise money for the athletic department. 

Share the big news

She engraved for 2 hours total and sold 70  key chains at $10 each. Her profit after buying the products was $490!

She gave half that back to the athletic department = $245!!!!!


She then attended a volleyball game to sell the rest of the key chains. She sold 30 at the Volleyball game and gave half the profits back to the Athletic Department.


Design Your Own Products

Always wanted to design your own jewelry?

Create your own line of jewelry and products that can be personalized on your engraver. 

We Make It Easy

 Let us do the hard part... sourcing it right the first time. We will guarantee your new line will be high quality and just the way you want it. 

Sell Your Way

Whether you start an Etsy style store, grab a booth at an art fair or sell to your friends you decide your profit. It's your line, your want!  

Barrel Room Plaques

Local Distilleries and Wineries are a great project!

Many distilling companies, breweries and local wineries can use your services.

From plaques to wine charms to name badges you'll have them covered!

True Story: Marble Distilling Company

I went to the grand opening night of their new Barrel Room and when I saw they had sticky notes to determine who's was who's I new I had the sale!

Now they email me the new Barrel Owners name, Quote and Type of booze and I engrave and deliver it with 48 hours. So simple.

Project Profit

They ordered 100 plaques @ $8.75 each including engraving. Great deal for them!

After I paid for my product I profited $470. It takes me 5 minutes to engrave the plaque and 7 minutes to walk it over. So Simple!

Name Badges

Facebook Ad

Lori spent $5 on a Facebook ad for engraved name badges. She did a free video to spice it up!

Her first sale

She got her first sale from a local golf club for 22 badges. The invoice was $132...


She made $61 in 20 minutes of engraving!

Invoice: $132

Add: $5

Product cost $66


$3.05/MINUTE works out to $183/hour!

Save the Dates & Theatre Gala

Save The Dates

 I got a sweet gig supplying and engraving 60 luggage tags for a girl in town. She's using them as Save The Dates for her out of town guests! ... 

- Val, Colorado

$360 Profit in an hour and a half

 I charged $10 each for the tag and the engraving of the last name and phone number. Total time in the project - getting the sale, ordering from Jupiter & Co. and engraving = 1.5 hours 

Time for Packing

 The engraver is so easy to use that while I engraved the save the date tags I packed for our vacation! 

Theatre Gala

 At a wine tasting party I hosted for some friends I met a totally cool woman who was on the Aspen Theatre Board of Directors.  

- Heather, Colorado

$1500 profit in 3 hours

 The theme was Tony Awards Winners Ball so we stamped that in through Jupiter & Co. production and I engraved the names and phones numbers of the attendees - 150 people. 

The Best Part

 The best part was that we got to attend the event which was our favourite - a costume party! 

Soccer Club Medals


Soccer Medals

My son had joined soccer a few years ago and trophies just kept piling up. I decided to work with Jupiter & Co. to solve a club issue and to help pay for our kids extracurricular activities.

- Sarah, Kansas

free soccer

Free Soccer!

I called the soccer club and told them I could supply them with medals AND ENGRAVE ONSITE after the last game! 

I made $175  after I paid for my sons club fee.


Charity money too!

I engraved onsite after the last game for 1 hour charging $10 each...  I gave $5 back to the club ($150 to the club) and $5 to me ($150 to me). I also got the baseball club to do the same thing next year!

Total hours worked: 2 hours but I would have been at the field anyway)

Wine Tasting Event

Wine Tasting

-Amy, Boston

Onsite Engraving for a wine tasting

A local golf club was having a wine tasting so I offered to take the engraver in to personalize the wine charms with initials. 

$800 profit for 3 hours and 2 new customers

I engraved for 2 hours and created a profit from the charm sales and the engraving charge. I also got 2 more customers from the membership that was there.