The Initial Box Kit!

From the minute you open your new box kit we will be there to guide you into success!

How easy is it is?

What's in the Initial Box Kit?

The Jupiter Engraving System

Designed by Moms Making Five Figures founder, Heather Bryan. This Made in the USA, simple to use, plug and engrave system allows for anyone to operate it. 

  1. Easy to Use: Plug in any keyboard and mouse to get started
  2. Quick and Quiet: Fast setup designed for a hassle-free operation.
  3. Push of a button: Just insert your Jupiter product and press ENGRAVE.

50 Free Products

Unique personalized products. Endless opportunities. From fashion jewelry to keychains to awards and keepsakes, we have one of the best selections of quality, engravable products in the USA. 

We will start you with 50 free products of your choice to use as a marketing tool or to sell and start making money today. 

The Guide Book

From your office set up to your host party, to your 27th sale we are there to help in your success. 

The guide book will help you 

  • create your personality
  •  what you need to do to get your business started
  • how to host your introductory party
  •  what to charge
  • how to process your order
  • how to run your engraving system

Basically it will help you success with ease


Let Moms Making Making Five Figures help guide you on your next adventure... owning your own business.

Personal guidance

The Jupiter Engraving System

High quality sourced products

A New Way Of Life For You and Your Family!

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*Financing Available