Living Personal Lives Through Personalization
Moms Making Five Figures


A successful home-based business opportunity where you can succeed through your own fun and easy personalization business. 

Do you want to work from home?

Do you want to increase your families financial footprint?

Do you want to live a personal life?
Do you strive to maintain balance in your life?

Do you need to be there for your family?

Create the life you want! 

Create a Personal Life

Meet Heather

I had been working at my family business, Jupiter Engraving, since 1999, engraving on-site at events. In 2013, my father retired and for the first 6 months I ran the business the way he did, until I realized things needed to change. I developed the Moms Making Five Figures business model to empower women like myself to make extra income for their families without giving up their personal lives. After my first year of running the pilot "franchise," I grew my business from 40 customers to a 5-figure recurring annual income stream and got more personal with myself and my family.

Business Model For Your Success

Success starts here. Moms Making Five Figures combines all this in one unique model. A business model that is tailored for your lifestyle. Our home-based business model gives you the chance to grow your own personalization business on your own terms.

* This is not a multi-level marketing company, this is truly your own business.

Quality Sales Support. Simple Order Process. Compensation how you decide.

Fits Every Personality

We’ve designed the business boxes to work seamlessly with the lifestyles suited for success. This is not a multi-level marketing business. This is your business to build and succeed in.

You know who you are and who you want to be, it’s time to be you!

I am… An Influencer

I am… Creative

I am… An Executive

I am… Whoever I aspire to be

Create Your Own Success

Business in a Box

Moms Making Five Figures is an exciting and simple business in a box opportunity with a proven recipe for success. 

Our Expertise

After a decade of experience servicing clients like Toyota, Microsoft, and the NBA, we’re opening up our company to motivated people ready to grow their own business. 

Make your own schedule, work from anywhere, and make money growing your own fun and simple personalization business.

Your Success, Your Way

Going back to basics is simple: Get Personal with yourself, your family, your friends, and your community!

Combine two growing industries all under your own roof. 

Promotional products = $22.9 billion

Engraving industry =  $7.9 billion

Business Personalities To Guide You!


Creative. Intriguing. Stylish. 

Katherine's a freelance creative designer who’s leveled up her business by producing and selling personalized fashion jewelry online and at festivals. When she’s not creating something new, you can find her at brunch with her friends or paddle boarding with her golden doodle named Teddy. 


Social. Philanthropic. Tastemaker. 

Christina’s a real estate agent and young mom with a four-year-old daughter named Aria. She uses her engraver to win more real estate deals by handing clients a personalized key chain branded with her logo after closing on their dream home. It’s all about referrals, after all. She picks up extra income by selling and producing the awards for Aria’s soccer club, where she’s a board member.


Ambitious. Confident. Connected. 

After crushing it as a pharmaceutical rep, Marissa decided to focus on her family. She was looking for a side hustle to do in between mommying, pilates, and keeping up with her social life. Marissa landed her first big account with the local BMW dealership. She now services a group of car dealerships and clubs in Palo Alto.

True Story!

Save The Dates

I got a sweet gig supplying and engraving 60 luggage tags for a girl in town. She's using them as Save The Dates for her out-of-town guests!...

$360 Profit in 90 Minutes

...I charged $10 each for the tag and the engraving of the last name and phone number. Total time in the project: getting the sale, ordering from Jupiter & Co. and engraving 

= 1.5 hours...

Time for Packing

...The engraver is so easy to use that while I engraved the save-the-date tags, I packed for our vacation!




I was reading Success magazine and that is where the idea of Youeconomy was described to me. There are more and more people working on their own time and in their own way. It talked about creating your own small business while engaging in a shared platform. The most important thing that resonated with me with regard to my business in a box model was that it is open to everyone. You don’t need a degree, any specific skills, or experience necessary to get going. 

All the personal and professional development elements that you need to launch your business are available from us.


In 2015, 70% of Americans participated in a peer-to-peer transaction and currently ⅓ of all people in  the US are earning either a part-time or full-time income. Success magazine projects that by 2020 more than ½ of Americans are expected to become micro entrepreneurs in the You economy. 

This is so exciting! I feel that my professional life has been brought to help you achieve your dreams in starting your own business. It is time to take control of your future and we have made it simple and fun for this to happen.

-Proud Engraver developer, Team Builder, Product Finder, and Tester of Business in a Box, 


Get Personal Today!

Founders Wanted:

Jupiter & Co. is launching this new exciting opportunity and we need you to help us build from the ground up. Even with a 15-year history, Jupiter & Co's new model will allow women to create a business all their own. 

Our goal is to give women around the country the ability to create their own home-based personalization business with all the equipment, products, and tools to go with it. 

Together we will change the way we GET PERSONAL!